It is quick and easy to visit us at TheSeminarProject, so we can cook together!

The enrollment procedure is as follows:

1. Apply promptly! How? By carefully filling in all the fields in the participation form found on the page of the seminar that interests you.

2. Wait for an email: You will soon receive an email informing you of your enrollment to the seminar.

3. Pay the fees: Deposit the fee amount in the bank account you will be sent. Make sure you give your full name when you make your deposit!

4. Await confirmation of your enrollment: As soon as the fee deposit is confirmed you will be informed of the finalization of your enrollment.

5. Lets cook together: We look forward to welcoming you on the date and time of the seminar for a tasty lesson!


  • Participation application

    You can apply to participate in a seminar via the electronic form you will find on the relevant announcement page at Every seminar has its own, separate application form so if you are interested in more than one class you will need to fill in the relevant forms.

    Don’t leave your participation application till the last minute! In order for your application to be considered and examined it must be submitted at least 2 days before the date of the seminar. Moreover, the sooner you apply the more likely it is you will secure your place in the class and avoid the possibility of being beaten to the post! Participation applications are examined by strict order of priority based on their date and time of submission.

    Is it possible that my application may not be accepted?
    Submitting the application does not necessarily secure your place on the seminar for a single reason: It may be that at the time of your submission all available places have already been allocated. In any case, you will be informed of the progress of your request.

    I cannot submit my details on the form!
    When a seminar is full a relevant message and icon appear both on the seminar calendar and on each seminar. In this case, you will no longer be able to submit the participation form since there are no available places left.

  • Participation Confirmation and Final Enrollment in the Seminar

    1-2 days after submitting your form, you will receive emails informing you of the progress of your application.
    a) If it gets rejected due to unavailability, your details will be kept and you will have priority in case of cancellation by another participant.
    b) If you are included on the list of seminar participants, the email you receive will also contain a bank account where you can deposit the seminar fee and secure your place! Make sure you give your full name when you make your deposit. You will soon receive a participation confirmation email.

    Can I pay by credit card?
    To date, the only fee payment method is via depositing the required amount to the bank account you will be sent.

  • Payment Receipt

    When and how will I receive a receipt for the payment of the fees?
    Upon arrival at the seminar you will receive the receipt for the fee you deposited for your participation.

  • Participation Cancellation

    You can cancel your participation and get a full refund as long as you inform us at least 5 working days before the date of the seminar.  In this case, the fees reimbursement will proceed within 10 days from the notification of all the necessary transaction data.

  • Lesson Cancellation

    Yiannis Lucacos may cancel a seminar due to force majeure reasons or because the required number of participants has not been achieved. In this case, you will of course be fully reimbursed for the fees you have deposited for the specific class, within 10 days from the notification of all the necessary transaction  data.

  • Attendance

    The class begins exactly at the time noted on the seminar announcement. It is best if you arrive at the premises a little earlier. Specifically, it is best to arrive around 15 minutes before the start of the seminar. Also, because within the framework of the class you will also be cooking and participating in the production of the dishes we suggest you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. We advise you to avoid using strong perfume, for a pleasant lesson to all. Finally, the use of mobile phone is proposed to be avoided during the course. You can leave your personal belongings in our wardrobe space. In case of emergency contact, you can always chat outdoor.

  • Health & Safety Rules

    Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas, regardless of whether it’s during lesson times, recess, etc. Generally, all health and safety rules are adhered to and it is best for everyone to respect them.

  • Gift Card

    You can be fully informed about the process of buying or cashing out a Gift Card of TheSeminarProject, here.

  • Recipes

    Within three days, after your participation in a course, you will receive by e-mail the recipes of all dishes you cooked. So, you don't have to write down the various ingredients or the cooking instructions, during the course. It's better to stay focused on practising the chef's techniques.


YL Gift Card

Give an unexpected gift to your loved ones by letting them experience a cooking class at The Seminar Project or a wonderful meal at Psomi & Alati.

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