We invite you at TheSeminarProject to see cooking in a different light! Free of any sense of duty, strictness, routine and difficulty. Our aim is to introduce cooking for what it could really be for each of us: a creative, pleasant activity that opens out the paths of culinary enjoyment and offers a means of communication and sharing!

The important thing you should note about TheSeminarProject is that you do not need to be talented in cooking or prove any particular dexterity in order to participate in a lesson. We do not want you to be stressed or even a little scared about the standard of your cooking. We will not assess you; we are not interested in performance. We want everyone who comes here to feel comfortable and happy with what we show them and all they can achieve. Our mission is to offer pleasant experiences through cooking! We want you to leave your stress behind, have a good time, learn new things, put them into practice and enjoy wonderful flavors while coming into contact with people.

Every class at TheSeminarProject aims to provide an ideal combination of practical learning and enjoyment! This is why it is structured like this: we welcome you with a drink and a treat. We give you some time to relax and get to know the other participants. After a small introduction about what we are going to make, participants are divided into smaller groups and, all together, we cook a delicious meal. Throughout, we help each other, talk to each other, listen to music, make jokes, relax and enjoy cooking as a process and as an experience. The aim of the class is not to turn you into a chef or a perfect cook but for you to leave having gained some knowledge that will help you become a better cook in your own kitchen! At the same time, however, when you leave TheSeminarProject we want you to have had a creative and pleasant team experience and tasted wonderful dishes. This is what we want to offer and we are particularly happy every time you tell us we have achieved it.

We look forward to seeing you!


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