Offer your loved ones unforgettable culinary experiences at The Seminar Project, Psomi & Alati or ALIO!

By offering the YL Gift Card you offer someone the opportunity to 1. select and participate in a hands-on cooking class at our premises or 2. to enjoy dinning at Psomi  & Alati or ALIO.
All you need to do is select the amount you wish to give and supply us with the necessary contact details by filling in the form below.
Once the card is paid for, the holder is informed of their gift and their opportunity to enjoy a unique experience with us.


Cooking Class at The Seminar Project

The variety of classes appeals to all tastes and the entire hands-on experience will be unforgettable. The Gift Card holder can select the class they wish to participate in and suits their interests, preferences and schedule. Once they have chosen all that is left to do is come along and cook with us, discover new flavors and possibilities and enjoy a wonderful meal prepared by them with the help of a chef.


Dinning at Psomi & Alati | ALIO

The Gift Card holder can select the day and time he wishes to make a reservation as well as the number of guests in his group.
An original gift idea that will thrill your loved ones! Purchase it by simply filling in the necessary information below and clicking on “Submit”.


The YL Gift Card Offer Process

•  Fill in the purchase form below, with all the necessary information.
•  We will contact you by email to arrange for the payment of the amount you have selected.
•  As soon as the Gift Card has been paid for, the holder is informed of their gift. If you wish for the holder to be informed on a specific date, please inform us so in comments section of the form.
•  The Gift Card holder can now, use their gift card as they desire.


Terms and Conditions

• Participating in a class or making a reservation is always subject to availability.
• In the case where the gift holder’s consumtion is greater than the value of the YL GIFT CARD, the holder will have to pay the difference. In the opposite case the holder will be credited the difference to be used at The Seminar Project or Psomi & Alati.
• YL GIFT CARD is valid for 60 days from the date of the holder’s notification.

Donor is the person giving the Gift Card. Fill in your personal information in the relevant fields.
Select the amount you wish to donate.
Beneficiary is the person who will receive the Gift Card. Fill in their personal information in the relevant fields.

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