A delicate, crisp, flaky baked product with numerous layers. Puff pastry dough typically is made of flour, butter and ice water. A thin layer of butter is placed between two layers of dough. Then it is rolled, folded several times, and chilled. This procedure is repeated numerous times to develop as many as 700 layers. (A quicker method for making puff pastry is to gently knead butter chunks with the flour instead of making a separate butter layer). When baked, steam puffs the pastry to four or five times its original height. The final result is a golden pastry with a melt-in-your-mouth quality. Puff pastry is used in making patty shells that are usually filled with main-dish mixtures. It also is used for appetizers and in classic desserts, such as napoleons. Commercial puff pastry is sold frozen in sheets and as patty shells.

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