How to poach – Deep poaching as a basic cooking method

How to poach – Deep poaching as a basic cooking method

The poaching method is divided into 2 basic categories: shallow and deep.

Both include the cooking of the food in some type of liquid and the basic difference lies in the fact that in shallow poaching the liquid covers roughly 1/3 of the height of the food, while in deep poaching the food is almost entirely covered by the liquid. This liquid is usually a mixture of stock or water, an acidic element, such as lemon juice, vinegar or wine, aromatic vegetables, herbs and spices. The liquid can be strained or contain the above elements during poaching.

Foods suitable for deep poaching are:
• Tender, usually large or whole poultry, meat and fish fillets.
• Seafood
• Eggs
• Fruit (the cooking liquid can be a flavored syrup)

For this method it is best to use a frying pan or a wide, shallow pan.

To see the deep poaching technique step-by-step, follow the photos order.

  1. Bring the liquid to the right temperature, i.e., just below boiling point.

  2. Add salt to the liquid (it must contain enough salt to counterbalance the loss of flavor during cooking).

  3. Add the food to the liquid and cook uncovered .

    Make sure the liquid in which the food is being poached remains below boiling point (70-85°C). 

  4. Remove the food from the liquid as soon as it has cooked to the desired degree.


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