Japanese Foods, except sushi!

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Yiannis Lucacos

Most Greeks knows only sushi as a Japanese dish. Certainly it is the most popular of that country, but there are so many more worth trying.

So, we invite you in a course for knowing better this national cuisine! Come and discover Japanese delicacies, which have nothing to do with raw fish or sushi! There are many special dishes made of cooked meat and fish in Japanese cuisine, offering unique dining experiences.

This course is an excellent opportunity to learn about the materials and the techniques that Japanese cookers use and practice in how to cook like them at your home kitchen.

Those of you who are fans of sushi, soon there will be a course dedicated to your favorite dish and how to make it.

The dishes of this course are:

  • Miso Soup
  • Salmon with teriyaki sauce
  • Gyoza with shrimp and chicken and ponzu sauce
  • Pork Katsu with sauce

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