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They say that beauty lies in simplicity.

This is what we believe when it comes to cooking and we apply the same philosophy in our kitchen.

At “Psomi & Alati” we strive to serve dishes that surprise with their simplicity and offer absolute taste satisfaction.

We combine and cook simple, every-day, seasonal ingredients in a way that highlights their hidden culinary magnificence.

The results are often surprising because this simplicity conceals careful and creative labour, love and extensive experience.  And this is true of every single dish!

We look forward to you sampling our menu, offered at reasonable prices accessible to all.

You can view our menus in the following links.

The “Psomi & Alati” team



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Give an unexpected gift to your loved ones by letting them experience a cooking class at The Seminar Project, a wonderful meal at Psomi & Alati or Alio restaurant.

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