Our menu photos

Our menu photos

 Fresh Salads - We mix and match, you toss!  

Colourful vegan and vegetarian salads with fresh vegetables and nutritious carbohydrates. Accompany them with good sources of protein that we have chosen for you.



Notorious Broccoli
spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, raisins, beetroot, pickled onions, bacon vinaigrette



Funky Noodle Bowl - vg
noodles, cabbage, edamame beans, carrot, cucumber, corn, wakame, red peppers,
ginger, fresh coriander, soy-lime & honey vinaigrette



Falafelita - vn
mixed salad greens, baked aromatic falafel, Buddha's Hand hummus, bulgur, cherry tomatoes, green pepper, cucumber, lemon & cumin vinaigrette



Light Delight - gf, vn
mixed salad greens, quinoa, avocado, beetroot, carrot, orange, cucumber, pecans,
gotzi berries, pickled onions, orange & ginger vinaigrette



Greek Power- vg
iceberg lettuce, spinach, chickpeas, bulgur, sweet potatoes, roasted carrots & celery root, feta cheese, spearmint, fresh onion, lemon & cumin vinaigrette




Buddha's Caesar 
lettuce, grilled chicken, boiled egg, cherry tomatoes, corn, edamame beans, parmesan, aromatic croutons, light Caesar's dressing



Mexican Blend - gf, vg 
iceberg lettuce, corn, Βuddha's Hand guacamole & yoghurt raita, cherry tomatoes, red beans, black rice, red peppers, fresh coriander, parsley, pickled onions, lime & jalapeno vinaigrette



Holy Proteins - Fuel up

Enrich your salads and fuel up your body with low fat protein 



grilled chicken breast  1,80€

chicken tandoori   1,60€

grilled salmon  3,90€

boiled egg 1,00€



Sandwiches & Hero Wraps - The easygoing wholesome meal

Choose a generous, hearty and balanced meal with delicious combinations of nutritious ingredients



Guak Attack Sandwich 
sourdough bread, lettuce iceberg, Buddha’s Hand guacamole, chicken breast,
boiled egg, honey mustard



Falafel Addiction Wrap - vg

tortilla 24 cm, mixed salad greens, baked aromatic falafel, tahini sauce, yogurt,
tomato, green peppers, carrot, parsley



Tandoori Madness Wrap 
tortilla 24 cm, iceberg lettuce, chicken tandoori, bulgur, tomato, cucumber, parsley,
Buddha’s Hand yoghurt raita & pickled onions





Falafel Burger - vn
aromatic chickpea falafel, beetroot hummus, tahini sauce, tomato salsa, arugula, sides of choice
9,90€ - vn



Turkey Burger
turkey burger, avocado, tomato salsa, sides of choice



Mushroom Burger - vg
mushroom burger, spicy mayonnaise, tomato, sides of choice


Sides of choice

crispy french fries– vn, gf
aromatic basmati with vegetables – vn, gf
bulgur & quinoa – vn




Salmon poke bowl
rice, salmon, orange, beetroot, corn, kiwi, buckwheat, sesame & tahini sauce
11,00 €



Tuna poke bowl
tuna, avocado, cucumber, wakame, radish, wasabi mayonnaise, lemon sauce & soy
13,00 €



Sea bass poke bowl
sea bass, pickled carrot, marinated cabbage, almond, ginger, nori powder, citrus vinaigrette
14,00 €



Veggie Hosomaki
avocado, cucumber, carrot
5,00 €



Salmon Hosomaki
salmon, cucumber, wasabi
7,00 €



Tuna Hosomaki
tuna, cucumber, wasabi
8,00 €



Salmon Uramaki
salmon, avocado, wasabi mayonnaise, sesame seeds
7,50 €



Tuna Uramaki
tuna, spicy mayonnaise, quinoa
8,50 €



Hot Meals  -  Delivered hot & Ready to eat


Mama’s Bifteki
Black Angus burger, lemon sauce, sides of choice


Turkey Bifteki 
juicy & aromatic turkey burgers, lemon sauce, sides of choice



chicken tandoori, Βuddha's Hand yogurt raita, sides of choice



Grilled Chicken - gf
grilled chicken breast, lemon sauce, sides of choice



Grilled Salmon - gf
grilled salmon fillet, sides of choice



Falafel - vn, gf
aromatic falafel, beetroot sauce, sides of choice


Sides of choice

crispy french fries– vn, gf
aromatic basmati with vegetables – vn, gf
bulgur & quinoa – vn



Pasta Broccoli Pesto - vg
rigatoni, spinach & almonds pesto, broccoli



Sweet Potato - vg, gf
sweet potatoes stuffed with chickpeas, feta cheese, pomegranate & tahini sauce




Silky Pumpkin
pumpkin soup with quinoa, roasted carrots, edamame beans, green apple, croutons



aromatic broth, marinated ramen egg, noodles, ginger, vegetables, coriander
with chicken – 9,60€
with veal cheeks – 12,40€
with shrimp – 13,00€



Juices - Drink your Rainbow!

Enjoy natural vitamin “cocktails” that we offer in 250 ml bottles

Beet Boost - gf, vn
orange, apple, carrot, beetroot, celery, ginger, turmeric


Sweet Green - gf, vn
cucumber, pineapple, green apple, lime

Big Apple - gf, vn
green apple, lemon, ginge


Revive - gf, vn
pineapple, spinach, basil, mint


Summer Fest - gf, vn
watermelon, pineapple, lemon


Pine Lime - gf, vn
pineapple, apple, lime


Smoothies - Velvet Energy

Bombard your body with energy while enjoying a delicious and creamy combination of fruits and nutrients 


Banana Madness - gf, vn
banana, almond milk, cocoa nibs, dates, peanut butter



Exotic Bliss - gf, vn
mango, passion fruit, banana, melon, lime, coconut milk 



Forbidden Fruit - gf, vg
blackberry, strawberry, banana, coconut milk, honey, yogurt, chia seeds 


Add 1 protein scoop : Peas - €2.00, hemp – €2.00


Buddha’s Handmade Raw Bars - No Sugar, No Gluten and Totally Vegan!


Orange Carob (60g) - vn, gf
dates, gluten free oats, hazelnuts, almonds, carob flour, natural orange extract, cocoa nibs, oats


Peanut Butter (60g) - vn, gf
dates, peanut butter, gluten free oats, peanuts, Corinthian raisins, cocoa nobs, pumpkin seed, oats


Apple Cinnamon (60g) - vn, gf
dates, almonds, walnuts, dried apple, cinnamon, cloves, natural apple extract, oats


Strawberry Praline (60g) - vn, gf
dates, gluten free oats, hazelnuts, cocoa, dried strawberry, natural strawberry extract, cocoa nobs, oats


Matcha Tea Dark Choco (60g) - vn, gf
dates, gluten free oats, almonds, matcha tea Ceremonial grade, chocolate 100%, natural vanilla extract, pumpkin seed, sea salt
2.80€ vn, gf



vg = vegetarian    vn = vegan    gf = gluten free    sp = mildly spicy


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