Types of chocolate

Types of chocolate

Chocolate comes from the cocoa tree bean. This bean, following the necessary processing, is divided into 2 basic ingredients: cocoa mass and cocoa butter.

The various types of chocolate are based on these two basic ingredients and are differentiated by the percentage of chocolate content they contain but also by the addition of other ingredients, mainly sugar and milk.

The main types of chocolate used in confectionery are:

Cocoa is a chocolate product in powder form with a 10% to 25% cocoa butter content.

Dark chocolate
Contains cocoa mass, cocoa butter and sugar. The percentage of cocoa mass is what defines its quality and taste, to a great extent. The percentage starts at 50% for most common chocolates, reaches 70% in high cocoa mass content, top quality chocolates, and can reach 95%, the highest percentage, found in the absolute best bitter chocolate with no added sugar.

Milk chocolate
Consists of cocoa mass, sugar and milk (or milk powder). The average cocoa mass content is 35%.

White chocolate
Consists of cocoa butter, sugar, milk (or milk powder) and does not contain any cocoa mass.

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