How to make vinaigrette

How to make vinaigrette

One of the most famous sauces is vinaigrette.

To make vinaigrette sauce view the process step by step by clicking the arrow on the right


  1. Place all the ingredients apart from the fat, in a bowl or food processor bowl.

    If there are some ingredients you do not want to blend, add them at the end. The important thing at this stage is to start with the acid and the mustard.

  2. Add the fat elements gradually while beating vigorously with a whisk or with the food processor at high speed.

    At the beginning add the oil very slowly, almost drop-by-drop.

    As soon as the mixture begins to thicken a little and emulsion begins, you can start adding it in a slow and steady flow.

  3. Be careful to add the appropriate quantity of oil.

    Bear in mind the 3-1 ratio and make sure you don’t exceed this ratio by much, otherwise the vinaigrette will break; this means the ingredients will separate and return to their initial state.

  4. Place the vinaigrette sauce in the fridge.

    You can keep it for 1 to 2 weeks.

    Since it will inevitably break at some point in the fridge, stir well before every use to restore.


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