How to make crisp fried potatoes

How to make crisp fried potatoes

There are 2 secrets secret for perfect fried potatoes/French fries: 

  • The first is for the potato to have the right starch and moisture ratio, something which is not always easy to ascertain. 
  • The other is double cooking. Firstly at a low temperature to soften them and then at a high temperature to make them crisp on the outside.


See how to make crisp fried potatoes, following the photos order.

  1. Cut the potatoes into 10x1x1 cm. sticks and place them in water.

    Rinse, allowing the water to run for a while.

    At this stage they can be stored in the fridge for a few hours.

    Place the oil in a pot and heat to 150°C.

  2. Drain and dry the potatoes well and add them to the oil.

    Be careful of the quantity, do not overfill the pan. The potatoes must be able to swim around freely in the oil, without crowding.

    Stir occasionally and very carefully.

  3.  Fry until well softened, on the brink of falling apart.

    This is the hardest point but as the surface breaks it forms indentations into which the oil will seep during the second frying stage and will produce an extra crisp surface and particularly good flavor.

  4. Drain the potatoes, dry on absorbent paper and season lightly with salt while they are still warm.

    At this stage you can keep them at room temperature for a few hours or in the fridge, during the summer.

  5. Heat the oil to 180-190°C and fry the potatoes until they turn golden and crisp.

    Pay attention to the quantity!  Too many will ‘choke’ the pot and they will boil rather than fry, too few and they will burn.

  6. Drain, dry on paper, season with coarse salt and sprinkle with oregano.


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