Velvet mousses … Choose your favorite one!
    Simple ingredients of high quality are served with fantasy in every dish of "Psomi & Alati" restaurant.
    "Eggs Benedict" for a delicious day startup!
    Add colour and nutrients in your menu, with tasty salad recipes
    Try a meat meal of "Braised beef with red wine and vegetables"

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    The quantity of milk defines the final consistency of... Read more

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    Αναστασιάδου Γλυκερία
    Κόβουμε όλα τα λαχανικά σε τέταρτα ή σε ροδέλες ανάλογα με το μέγεθος. Τα... more

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    In the aesthetically beautiful book Psomi & Alati – The Cookbook, Yiannis Lucacos focuses on the food and philosophy of the prized "Psomi & Alati" restaurant of which he is chef and co-owner.
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