Who we are

I grew up enchanted by my father’s narrations on how he developed his restaurants in the United States. I don’t know if this was it or if some other element played its part but the charm and joy of cooking never left my mind. The charm was so strong that I stopped my studies in Mechanical Engineering and began studying to become a professional chef. I knew then that at some point I would have my own restaurant. It was May 1996.

When I returned to Greece I found Panayiotis, my younger brother looking for a job. He had just finished his studies in Tourism and was applying for a job as a waiter. I knew then that some day we could combine our knowledge and forces to create something together.

Nearly 8 years later we begun searching for the ideal location to house our dream. We heard that a major bank had just emptied a venue at a very central location in Halandri in St Nicholas square. Big space, big investment, it would be tough for the two of us.

We knew Stefanos from school, we were good friends. He was also in a turning point in his life, looking into entering new business developments. It took us three weeks to persuade each other to go ahead and try it. That was it, we joint our forces, our dreams and our knowledge. Psomi & Alati was just created! It was October 2008.

A restaurant based on Greek creative cuisine, expressing the dreams of three young men who wish to offer you unforgettable moments of enjoyment while we do what we love most!

Welcome to Psomi & Alati.

Welcome to our home!


Where we are
Psomi & Alati is located in the heart of Halandri, at 8 Eleftheroton Square. This central square has just been renovated, paved and made accessible only to pedestrians giving Halandri a new fresh space, an oasis of green and relaxation.

With easy access from Kifissias Avenue, Mesogeion Avenue and Attiki Odos, Psomi & Alati is the ideal place for your midday lunch break, after work dinner with friends and co-workers or a relaxing break after shopping at the Halandri Shopping district.



Psomi & Alati restaurant has been awarded with a Golden Toque Award and also a Gourmet Award.

More specifically, it has received the following distinctions :

  • 1st Gourmet Award prize , in the category Bistrot , for 2009 by the Eleftherotipia Newspaper
  • Greek Cuisine Award, for 2012 by Athinorama Magazine


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